Today I am just grateful how God orchestrates stuff. Often the things that I overlook as just mere coincidences, I am now seeing as God’s handiwork.

Tim and I have really put forth much effort to honor God with our money. This has not always been so. For the last year and half we have been very convicted about some of the past financial decisions we have made. Somewhere along the way I forgot it is all His anyway. But God has been gracious and pulled us out of a mess we put ourselves in. Since then I have been super passionate about saving money, being frugal, being debt-free and helping others get there. So I wanted to share a few blessings with you.

Blessing #1 We were on our way to buy a deep freezer at Home Depot a few weeks back (they were having a good sale) and I decided to check my mail before we left. Inside a 10% off coupon for Home Depot. Thank you Lord!

Blessing #2 Isaac is needing a haircut and it kills me to pay $15. I know I am cheap. Well just when I couldn’t handle the scraggly boy anymore my mom calls and tells me she is coming in town this weekend. And she cuts hair! Little blessing from the Lord, thank you.

Blessing #3 We have been eyeballing a snuggler for a year now. I started coveting Eightcrazy’s when she got one. What is a snuggler, you ask? It is one of those chair and a half recliners that reclines like a lazy boy but seats two. See my husband is a snuggle bunny and trying to fit into a lazy boy recliner while we watch TV is. . . well . . . uncomfortable. So we went looking this past weekend and found one we liked for $850. So we decided to do that whole “sleep-one-night-before-you-make-a-big-purchase” thing. In the morning we decided that it would not be the best use of our money and that we would forego the snuggler for a while. So I let it go and was talking to my friend Jen about our weekend and our “snuggler dilemna.” She said “Oh we have an extra snuggler.” Ok first of all who has ever heard of a snuggler let alone has an extra?! Well her hubby Ted is a bargain shopper. I used to be his secretary and we used to compete on finding deals on all sorts of things (I know it hard to believe that I would be competetive ;-). I usally won, right Ted? Anywho. . . he bought this snuggler on Craigslist because he can’t resist a deal. It was $50!!!! And it has been sitting in their basement. So they are going to sell it to us. I figured for that cheap I could get it recovered and still spend half of the amount I had originally budgeted. But after seeing the picture I think it actually matches my couches.

How awesome is that? I am just reminded how God not only cares for all of our needs but He loves giving us gifts too.

Matthew 7:11 “If you, then, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give good gifts to those who ask him”

I know it may sound materialistic and silly to post about this when there is so much more to life than a snuggler, deep freezer and haircuts but I love that God cares about all that stuff that is so menial. He wants to be part of every decision I make, every thought in my head, everything that means something to me. This is hard for me to comprehend and a lesson God has been hitting me so hard with lately. So I thought I’d share.