Gold DIY Monogrammed Vase

My dear friend Stacy from Not Just a Housewife wrote an amazing book called Natural Accents.  She is the queen of adding natural outdoor elements inside her home to give it more character and texture.  Her book is chock full of projects that brings the outdoors in and I was REALLY impressed by all the awesome ideas in the book. She encourages her readers to bring in flowers, plants, twigs and branches to give depth and dimension to your home.  One of the projects in the book is these DIY Monogrammed Vases – the perfect personal piece to add flowers, stems and branches in your home.  It is a super easy project that doesn’t require any super crafting powers.  With Christmas around the corner, I think it would make a great gift with a bouquet of fresh flowers.

Monogrammed Vases-tutorial


glass vases

Spray paint colors of your choice

Black Sharpie marker

Glass marker, puffy paint or dimensional glue

1.  Start with drawing a letter, symbol, number or drawing on your glass vase with your Sharpie marker.  Note: A magic eraser can remove the marker if you make a mistake.

DIY monogram vase

2.  Then take your dimensional glass paint and go over the Sharpie template.

Monogram Vase

2.  Once that is completely dry, spray the entire vase with the spray paint of your choice, using light coats 1 minutes apart until your entire vase is painted.

spray painted monogrammed vase

gold monogram vase

gold monogrammed vases

3.  You can add some fresh flowers, paper flowers, or anything else inside the vase that you want on display.

Monogrammed Vases

I attempted a bird on a branch.  Isn’t he adorable?

Monogram Vases

tall monogram vase

For more amazing Natural Accents projects you can purchase the book on Amazon.  Add it to your Christmas wish list today.

natural accents book