Gobi Desert

There is a room in my house that I have not showed you.  I have preteneded like it didn’t exist…like my house was perfectly decorated.  But it wasn’t.  I was lying to you.  Now if you have come to my house in the last two years you have seen the eyesore that this room is.  But in blogland nobody knows.  Well today is the moment of truth.  Yes I have a room that is bare and without paint on the walls.  GASP!!!
It is the loft.  It is hard not to notice since the room is ginormous and I see it everyday in all its naked glory.  The painter’s white primer is all dingy and fingerprinted.  The The massive space had nothing in it but a few boxesv until recently.
In the summer I dubbed this room “My Winter Project.”  So it is definitely winter here in Indiana so the transformation has taken place.  I have mentioned before that my mom has moved here.  When she arrived we inherited a pingpong table.

Then some people from church gave us a small air hockey table.  Which is perfect because I wanted to make this area the game room. 

First up…paint those white walls!  Hubby lost a bet so he had to help me paint this past weekend.  There is nothing sexier than a man in paint clothes!  He is irresistable when he is serving me by helping me with a home decor project, I tell ya.

I wanted something subtle and versatile in that room.  Normally I go for color, color, and more color.  But I decided on a khaki that I LOVES.  It is the same color that is in Kayla’s room.  We have also painted rooms in two other houses the same color.  It is such a warm color and looks good in every lighting.

It is Gobi Desert 710C-3 by Behr paint in en eggshell finish.  LOVES!

Paint just warmed up the room and made all the white woodwork pop.  I would have been just content with paint and nothing more.  Ok…well…maybe not.  But I loves the color on the walls.  LOVES!  You probably feel like you are looking at the same pictures twice…but believe me…it looks like a new room.

Next up…finish the window treatments!  Please watch the room unfold in the next month.