Gobblet Gobblers Tutorial

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I have confessed before that I am a game geek.  I live for competition and have a deep love for winning.  So I frequent a game store in our area called The Game Preserve.  I don’t participate in Dungeons and Dragons or anything like that, I just like unique games.  I saw this cute version of tic-tac-toe called Gobbler Goblets.  It is a great family game and is recommended for ages 5 and above.  However, my husband and I enjoy it because there is some strategy to it.  It retails for $20.  gob
Of course, my brain started working and I came up with a handmade version for about $5.  I have not featured a kiddie gift yet and this fits the bill.

3 sized flower pots (2 of each) ~ Hobby Lobby $3 total (they are half off this week)
IMG_0872IMG_08732 colors of acrylic paint
Small Paintbrush
Sharpie Marker (ultra fine point and fine point work the best)
Feathers $1 at Dollar Tree (you could use yarn, felt or fabric for hair also)
Hot Glue Gun
Mod Podge or Spray Sealer

1. Paint 6 of the pots (2 of each size) one color and paint 6 of the other pots (2 of each size) another color.  It took me three coats. Note: If you don’t own craft paint (GASP!) use your wall paint so that you don’t incur that expense.
2.  Draw a face on free hand.  If you don’t feel comfortable with free-handing you could always use stickers, rub-ons, etc.

IMG_0906 IMG_0904
3.  Seal the paint somehow.  I used a Spray Fixative and then a Spray Sealer since that is what I had on hand.  But Mod Podge would work also.

4.  Stick the feathers in the hole in the top.  Cut it so that just a little bit of the feather is in the underneath of the pots.  Hot glue the inside part of the feather making sure you dry the glue upside down so it does not drip (speaking from experience…grrrr!).

5.  Let everything dry.

I did not make a game board.  I figured it is simple just to take a 12” x 12” sheet of paper and draw the tic-tac-toe board on it.  That way it is very portable because all I need to do is stack the cups and throw them in a bag.

Here’s a video on how to play

It is just like tic-tac-toe you have to have three in a row to win.  But there are two twists.  Twist #1 Any larger piece can “gobble up” a smaller piece. Twist #2 Any piece can also move once placed on any open space. You have to remember when you move pieces that you could allow your opponent to win if you move yours and their piece is under it.  It is so fun!