Free Sample Gift Idea

I heart free samples. I order free samples every chance I get. So when I travel I never have to buy travel size products, it’s awesome. I actually have a large rubbermaid tote full of free samples that I keep in my closet and just toss stuff in it when I receive it in the mail.

So here is where the gift idea comes from: I have given 3 people a gift like this and everytime they seem to love it. I get a Purse Brite from Bed, Bath and Beyond. I use a 20% off coupon (of course) so it is $8 plus tax. Then I take it out of the box and fill it with free samples. Today is Tim’s secretary’s 40th birthday so I made one up for her. I put funny free samples in there like Beano, wrinkle cream, Excedrin Back & Body, Cura Heat Pad, and also other little girly products. She loved it. It is so nice to have the Purse Brite in your purse especially when you carry a “mom bag” like me.

So hop on the free sample bandwagon it is so fun. Plus you never know what is going to be in your mailbox.
Free Sample Site I Frequent:
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