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I have been on the quest for the perfect planner for about two years.  I put together a system last year that failed miserably and cost me too much.  I have tried organizing myself digitally with an online system — terrible.  I finally realized what my problem was…I am a blogger.  Who makes a planner for a blogger?  Answer? NO ONE!  See, if you are a creative blogger, you can relate!  We don’t plan our days by chunks of time, nor by schedule, we plan our days by projects. We also need paper to brainstorm, draw, think, collect, etc. Doing that online just doesn’t work for me. Hence, the problem with all the planners I looked at.  So I finally decided to figure out how to design my own planner, a feat in and of itself!  So here you have it.  A free, printable blog planner!

EDITED TO ADD:  I updated this planner with 7 colors and a new pattern and slight design modification in January of 2014.  Check it out here.

Printable blog planner


52 sheets of the printable planner

12+ blank sheets of printable calendar

2 pieces of decorative chipboard for front and back cover

chipboard for calendar tear-off pad

1 file folder

optional: pen loop

spiral binding service

Oh, and by the way, I have another problem.  Not only am I am a blogger I am a leftie.  So that makes my planner all backwards and upside down.  But it works for me and I am so totally excited about it!  It has really helped me plan ahead and stay organized.

I created a 2 minute video for you to see how and why I designed it this way.


In words this is what I did…

#1 I try to do three projects a week so I have three boxes for post ideas and projects.  I still blog 6 days a week but a few of those I don’t have to plan out (i.e. giveaways, 5 Ways posts, personal posts or guest bloggers).

#2 I have a place to track stats.  I try not to focus on numbers too much, but I will say tracking my stats helps me stay focused and not measure myself against other people.  Each week when I write down my stats it helps me measure myself against myself — which I highly recommend.

#3 Blogger to encourage. I have a huge heart to encourage and rejoice in the success of others.  Since my mantra this year is to be intentional this is the little spot that helps me be intentional in sending a little note to a blogger each week.

#4 A running to do list.  I try to keep this for proactive blogging things.  One of the things on my to do list in February will be to figure out Google +.  One of my past “to do’s” was the create a FB landing page, which I did.

#5 I also have a place for ideas.  This could be future post ideas, tutorials, dreams, goals, etc.

Blogger Planner 2

I also designed a blank calendar that I have to fill out every month with the days and month.  This helps me keep track of what I am blogging about each day — no I do not plan my blog a month in advance.  I know people that do but I am just not that organized!  I actually got it made into a tear-off pad so when I am done with the month I can just throw that away.

Also I got the background from Amy from Sprik Space which is found here.  She offers a bunch of free ones here as well.

Blogger calendar

Directions for binding:

I printed out 52 of the weekly pages and 20 of the blank calendars at home.  Then I took those, along with a decorative file folder and 2 decorative chipboard pieces to Office Depot. I had them cut the planner pages down to size determining the size of the binder.  They cut a file folder down to that size and then cut one of the long edges 1/2” shorter than the other so it could act as a flip folder.  Then with the calendars they cut it down to the edges of the grid on the left and right and then made it into a tear-off pad for me. All I had to do was adhere the tear off pad to the flip file folder when I got home.  I also purchased a pen loop and stuck it in the back to hold my pen.

Interested in making your own?  Here are the free printables for you.  You can just print the pages out and stick it in a binder too.  If you find this useful please let me know and share it with your friends via FB, twitter or Pinterest.

Weekly Pages design

Calendar Pages design

Weekly Pages blank

Calendar Pages blank

Edited to add:  Let me know if you want me to make a custom one for you by changing the wording in the boxes.  I can no longer provide this service – I am sorry.  However, here are a couple I have made for my readers.

Lesson Planner Blank

Lesson Planner Design

Stay at Home Mom Design

Disclaimer:  This printable is offered to you free of charge.  I ask that you do not sell or replicate these for anything but personal use without asking permission from me first.

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