Free Printable Blog Planner and Calendar

A couple of years ago I created the perfect blog calendar –at least it was for me. I have used it since then to stay organized. With over 192,000 pins I would say many of you downloaded it and have found it to be helpful as well.  I updated the design a little bit and also have 7 new colors available. You’ll want to read the other post to see how I bound it – there is a little video including why I did what I did.


Many readers asked me to change the boxes to make it fit their particular niche/profession.  Unfortunately, I got too many requests for that and can no longer provide that service.  So this planner is specifically designed for BLOGGERS!


What you will need is a one file folder, some chipboard or hard plastic for the front cover and back, all the planner pages printed out in the color of your choice, and some mini binder clips. 



On the previous planner, the calendar pages were made to be a tear-off pad.  That didn’t work well for me since I flip back and forth often and found the pages tore off too easily.  So this year I made it simple and just clipped the pages to the file folder with mini binder clips.


Armed with a poly folder from Target, two pieces of white cardstock to put behind the folders so they looked nicer since they were see-through, a cute file folder, and all the pages printed out at home – I brought it to Office Depot to bind. 



1.  Have them cut the calendar pages and the planning pages down to remove the white edges.  That will determine the size of your binder.  Cut the folders, two pieces of white cardstock (if your poly folders were see-through like mine where), and the file folder down (make sure they don’t cut the fold off) to the same size.

2.  Cut about 1/2” off the one edge of the file folder so it folds open. 

3.  Then have them spiral bind the binder together.  Mine is backward because I am left-handed but just adjust it if you want.  My binder is designed to be opened flat with the weekly pages to the left and the calendar to the right.

4.  Add a stick on pen holder if you want.

I am not sure how much they will charge you, every Office Depot seems to charge differently based on cutting and their time.