Faux Tin Tile Cabinets

So back in September I decided to paint by master bathroom vanity cabinets… and they looked awful.   I was so mad at how the cabinets turned out I decided to punish them and not repaint them for 10 months.   Yes, it was 10 months of torture for me but I had to teach them a lessen.   I finally decided enough was enough and it was time for them to stop looking like 80s acid washed jeans and be repainted again.   So here is how they originally began…


And here is how they ended up.



You can see I attempted one more try on the left cabinet.   This is literally how they have looked for 10 months.


Okay so here is what I did from the beginning.   I sanded them down and cleaned them really well then I adhered some tin tile wallpaper to the center of the doors for some interest.   Then I primed the entire cabinets and doors.   Fast forward past my mistakes…

Now I decided to spray paint them.   Now I don’t really recommend this unless you are willing to tape off the entire area.   I did tape off but I still had to scrub paint particles off the floor when I was done, which was really annoying.

vintage metal cabinets (1)

So I sprayed everything with Krylon’s Bright Metallic Silver and they looked like this…

faux tin tile cabinets

I really liked how they looked but I wanted to glaze them in black to tone down the shine and give them a vintage metal tin tile look. I mixed 1/3 of black paint with 2/3 of Ralphs Lauren’s glaze.

vintage metal cabinets (3)

To the left is the Krylon Metallic Silver spray painted cabinets and to the right is with a black glaze over the top.   You can see how the glaze really changes the appearance of them.   I really like how the glaze gets caught in the grooves of the wallpaper making the design pop.

vintage metal cabinets (7)

I added new hardware I got off Ebay (seller: thehardwarehunter) for $2 a piece in a pewter finish.

Faux Tin Tile Cabinets (3)


I love how the cup pulls mimic the lines in the tin tile wallpaper (yes I still have to fill the holes from the prior pulls).

Faux Tin Tile Cabinets (5)

Faux Tin Tile Cabinets (1)