Fat Pants…YAH BABY!

Remember this post and then this post? Well today it might be raining outside but it is sunshine in my head. Did I just say sunshine in my head, what does that mean? I just pulled on a pair of my “fat pants.” I would post a picture of my butt in them because I am just so stinkin‘ excited but I will spare you. Next up on the horizon…regular pants.

should I tell them I have been in bed for 48 hours with the flu and haven’t eaten anything but liquids, toast and rice in two days and I have lost 6 pounds? Nahhhh!
Because one of those smart alecks would tell me I have just lost water weight and will gain it all back. And then I would have to give them a smack down. You know I love me some smack down!

So give me a hurrah, or a whoop! whoop! or an awwwwwww yaaaaah!

Okay, okay I am back to writing part 11 don’t throw a hissy fit! Geesh, I veer from the series just a little to tell you some fantastic news and what do I get? I am getting back to work..come on…gimme some sugar.