Fabric Wall Art Decor

I get asked fairly often how to decorate large walls inexpensively.  Buying art or frames adds up when you have lots of space to cover.  I always come back to saying, “Wrap canvases in fabric.”  The fabric choices are endless nowadays and really are works of art in themselves.  So when I set out to decorate the planked and 2” x 4” shelves I knew I would use fabric to bring pops of color to that wall.  And since I had the beautiful options from the HGTV Home line of fabric it was a perfect match.  Now you can look for deals at Joann Fabric and Craft Store for a deal on canvases to wrap or you can make your own for EVEN CHEAPER.  Here’s how.

fabric wall art decor


Kreg Jig Pocket Hole System and Kreg Screws

Miter Saw

any 1” by wood (I use 1” x 2”, 1” x 3” or 1” x 4” usually)

stapler (I use an air stapler but a hand stapler works too)


fabric of your choice

1.  Plan out the size of frames you want.  Remember we are going to butt the joints together.  So if you are using 1” x 2” wood and you want a frame a perfect 18” square then cut two 18” pieces of wood and two 15” to accommodate.

2.  Once your wood is cut – drill a pocket hole with your Kreg Jig in the shorter ends (on each end).  I usually do one pocket hole on 1” x 2” but if you are using wider wood then two holes.

fabric wall art

3. Screw your wood together with Kreg screws.  Now you have a perfect frame.  You could stain or paint it and use it as a frame at this point like I did when I made my magnetic walls frames or you could move onto step 4.

making fabric wall art

4.  Staple your fabric in place.  I always place a couple of staples in the middle first and then I pull everything nice and taut and staple as I go.  I do the corners at the end.  I pull them taut trying to have as little wrinkles as possible and then staple them. 

fabric art for walls 

5.  Cut off excess fabric.

fabric decor on walls

In less than 15 minutes you have a work of art. 

 decorating with fabric

Fabric used: HGTV Home Grove Move Malachite

hgtv home fabric 

Fabric used: HGTV Home Turtle Malachite

Or a headboard.  SNEAK PEEK! Final room reveal is Thursday evening!

fabric headboard

Fabric used: HGTV Home Jigsaw Malachite

Hot Tip:  I absolutely LOVE those Command Picture-Hanging Strips (<—Amazon Link) to hang these.  If you are hanging a bunch it is much easier to line up multiple canvases when you use those and there is no mark left on the wall when you remove them later.  It was especially important to use those on Isaac’s wall.  I wanted something to secure it to the wall that could withstand a possible thrown ball. A nail in the wall would most certainly be falling art.  And you can cut them as well.  I will often buy the large package and cut them smaller to save money.

So let’s do the math on these.  If you bought two 8” boards of 1” x 2” at Lowes it would cost you right at $5 which would make you one 48” x 51” frame. Then all you would need is some pretty fabric. That is a smoking good deal for art that large. 



Disclosure: This post is part of a 30 day Magic from Fabric challenge issued by Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores and HGTV Home line of fabrics.  I was compensated but all the ideas are mine all mine.


  1. Such a great idea Beckie!! And I love the fabric you chose. Your room is awesome!


  2. I love it all! I am a sucker for prints that involve navy. Great project.

  3. I absolutely love this. I am loving the fabric and am here anxiously waiting to see the whole room. It is looking great.

  4. Great project! I love that fabric so much, green is my fave!

  5. looking awesome! can’t wait to see the whole room. quite a feat to get it all done so quickly!

  6. Lisa Wallman says

    Hi Beckie, I did something very similar for my bedroom. I was an idea I got off Pinterest. I did buy the canvases from hobby lobby I think. I am curious though why you added the wood to the canvas. I just stapled it to the frame that was already there. You’re much more creative than I am so I’m sure you know what your doing:) just curious I guess! Lisa

    • I did not use a store-bought canvas. I created the wood frame and stretched and stapled my fabric to it like a canvas. Does that make sense?

  7. Love those fabrics, Beckie, and gotta love a cheap way to make a canvas frame. 🙂

  8. Love it! Great idea for a dorm as well!

  9. I think a link is broken. I clicked on your industrial pipe hanging bed link from your reveal and it takes me to here. I’d love to read up on the beds…I’ll go digging.

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