The Evolution of Kitchen

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that we started laying laminate flooring in our kitchen.  Can I tell you how much I double loves my new flooring?  It transformed my kitchen.  Come on the adventure with me of the evolution of my kitchen…

We moved into our house December of 2007 with our kitchen looking like this…

house 014 house 015Craptastic oak cabinets…☑

Ugly silver knobs…☑

White walls…☑

Awful light fixtures…☑

Cheap linoleum floor…☑

Mismatching appliances…☑

No window treatments…☑

Here it is after about two months of living in the house…fresh coat of paint and new light fixtures.

Here is it as of March of 2009 after our $216.00 kitchen remodel

Craptastic oak cabinets

Ugly silver knobs

White walls

Awful light fixtures

No window treatments

Cheap linoleum floor…☑

Mismatching appliances…☑

All we had left to accomplish was to redo the flooring and buy some matching appliances.  Unfortunately, those were the two most expensive things on the list.  Since money doesn’t grow on trees over at Infarrantly Creative we have been saving our pennies because we are firm believers in paying cash for everything.

Cheap linoleum floor — GOODBYE!!

IMG_1173 IMG_1171 IMG_1172

Hellooooooo LUVAA!

IMG_1325 IMG_1327  IMG_1326I will tell you more about the process in my next post.  I will give you cost breakdown, the time commitment, the reasoning behind our flooring choice, etc.

But for right now say it with me….LOOOOOOOVES!