Everyday Lettering Giveaway

Today’s giveaway is from Everyday Lettering.   They are giving away one reader a $30 gift card to use in their shop along with free shipping.


Heather is a stay-at-home mom to one little two-year old boy and is a photographer based in Brigham City, Utah.   She has been doing photography for over three years and has loved every second of it.   She loves meeting people and getting to be a part of some of the biggest moments of their lives.

About two years ago she saw some photo letters in a store and fell in love.   But at over $150 for her little last name (Jones), she knew couldn’t afford it and there must be others who couldn’t also.   So she searched for a way to make it more affordable.   Then she spent over a year collecting pictures of everyday objects and editing them to make them beautiful.

Her prices are amazing.   She gives you three options. The first is on blocks like below…


The second is on a board like below and both of these options are only $4 a letter!


She also gives you the single option where you can just order the prints and that ranges from $1.50 — $2 a letter.


Having a craft party and want to make the block or the board option?   She gives you a DIY option which is even cheaper.

For a chance to win a $30 gift card to Everyday Living I am giving you three options:

1. Like Everyday Lettering on Facebook and leave me a comment letting me know you did.

2.   Follow Everyday Lettering’s blog on Google Connect and leave me a comment letting me know you did.

3.   Share the giveaway on Facebook or Twitter and leave me a comment letting me know you did.



  1. Rachel Long says

    I both shared it on facebook, and “Like”‘d it! She is another talented lady!

  2. I have officially “liked” Everyday Lettering on Facebook…and I am not even kidding….I don’t just like it….I love it!!!

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  5. Ashley M. says

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  6. cristina says

    I love those… =) Thanks for offering it up!

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  15. I tweeted about it!! @christinasadven

  16. Stephanie says

    I love her work….am following her blog and on FB

  17. Nikki R. says

    Hello –

    I love your work! I’ve done all the options, liked the page on fb, shared it on both fb and twitter and followed the blog. I’d really like to win! 🙂

  18. I LOVE this site! I am a letter collector!

  19. Pam Bivens says

    I already LIKE Everyday Lettering on Facebook!! I think it’s fascinating!!!

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    And I gladly shared it with everyone on Facebook!!

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  24. I just shared this on FaceBook and would love to win this!!! Thanks

  25. I “liked it” on FB. I love her work. I met her when I ordered from her for my sister’s wedding. Love her work!

  26. Patricia Wallace says

    I “liked it” on FB…LOVE this idea!!!!

  27. Toni McD says

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  28. I LIKED her on Facebook and added her to my Google reader. LOVE her work and Thank You both for helping my find a great anniversary gift for y hubby this year!!
    PS my name is Heather too. I love finding other creative Heathers. BONUS!

  29. Not only am I now following, I’m going to go and place an order!! Love it!

  30. Miss Kitty says

    Hi! Thanks for sharing that great source for that type of lettering. It IS very expensive to get other places and her prices are great.

  31. I ‘liked it’ on FB, these are fantastic! I’m an armature photographer and I’m totally inspired!!!

    *BTW I’m so thrilled I found your blogs, every e-mail I get is fun fun fun!!!!!*

  32. Sarah T. says

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  54. Wow what a great deal. I am glad that I am not Polish.
    My last name only has 6 letters:)

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  65. I have seen these letters before–very cool idea!

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