Elfcapades Day #7


Hi Isaac and Kayla,

I had a fun time spending time with your family for movie night. Thanks for letting me be a part of it. I got a little crazy last night. I was looking everywhere for my pajamas. It was so cold in your house last night I decided I needed to wrap myself up in something that was warm and bright. The only thing I could find was your Christmas tree. Come rescue me and help me find my pajamas!

Before you come and look for me let me continue on with our story of Jesus. If you remember yesterday’s story he was just born. Let’s she what happens next.

After baby Jesus was born there was some shepherds looking after their sheep on the hills near Bethlehem.  Suddenly the sky shone bright with light.  Don’t be scared, said an angel, “Go to Bethlehem, there you will a baby who is Christ the Lord.”


Elfcapades Day 7

Here is the note that Ollie left….

Good Morning Isaac. I have officially been at your house for one week. I like living at your house. I only have one more week left and then it is Christmas and I have to go back to the North Pole and you get to celebrate Jesus’ birthday! I will miss you very much..

Here is the next part of the story…

The shepherds ran to Bethlehem. They soon found the stable.  They went and knelt down in front of the baby.  They told Mary what the angle had said.  Then they went out and  told everyone they met about Jesus.

I was very naughty last night. Wait until you see what I did. I also left you a very special gift. You have been asking mommy and daddy for this gift for Christmas. I thought I would bring it to you early. Here is the hint: I decided to have a “snack” so I went to the “shop.” Where am I?

Look at what Ollie did in Isaac’s playroom…

IMG_0973 IMG_0974He also brought Isaac some felt doughnuts because all he has been asking for Christmas was “A real R2D2 and some pretend doughnuts.” I have not idea where he got that from…weird kid. 

Isaac saw the playroom and immediately said, “Ollie made a mess!”  Ollie was stuck inside the four felt doughnuts.  Check out the felt doughnut tutorial here.