Elf Magic

Hey friends I have some fun plans for Infarrantly Creative this CHRISTmas season.  This is the first year that Isaac is old enough to understand the concept of Santa and CHRISTmas.  I want to establish some traditions with my family and decided to start by bringing some Elf Magic to our home.
Elf Magic Family
A friend told me about the Magic Elves and I had to have one!  The goal of the elves is “to encourage an upbeat Christmas animated through nightly adventures and daily play to help children instill memories, have fun and reinforce the true meaning of Christmas and family values.”   Click here to read more about the elves and what you get when you foot the bill for their travel ticket.

Elf Magic Boy (BlackHair/Light Skin/10-inch)

Ollie the Elf arrived on my front porch last week.  He is due to make his arrival in Isaac’s bedroom on December 13th.  Each day I will blog about the silly adventures Ollie goes on and I am going to use the elf to tell the story of the true meaning behind CHRISTmas. Daily I will blog about the crazy things Ollie does as well as the things he leaves behind, the messages he leaves and the challenges he gives to Isaac.  I am hoping to use the elf to tell the story of the birth of Jesus.

Will you join me and purchase a Magic Elf? You can copy exactly what I do with Isaac if you want, so you don’t even have to think about it!  Then on December 21st I will have an Elf Party where we can link up and share a story of how the elves brought some joy and magic to our homes.  I am also having an Elf Party at my house if you happen to be a Hoosier and live nearby email me and I will send you an invite.

You have until the 11th to purchase an Elf of your own to join me…so hurry, hurry…it is a long trip from the North Pole.