Dyed Ruffle Pillows

So a couple of weeks ago I told you about the Ruffle Pillows featured on Groopdealz?  Well I got 4 in the mail this weekend.  I love the beautiful ruffles as well as the zipper closure.  I also had two pillow forms gathering dust in storage and they were a perfect fit — don’t ya love it when that happens?


However, as wonderful and neutral as cream is I decided I wanted 2 of them to go in my newly remodeled guest room.  Cream would have worked but I wanted gray. So why not try dying them?  Now the only experience I have had with textile dying is when I bought dyed shoes and a purse to match my teal sequined dress for prom my junior year{giggle}.

BEckie 004

So I checked out Rit Dye’s website and they have a fabulous resource on there where you can pick your color out and they tell you what dye to buy and even what dyes to mix.  I never even thought about mixing them to create a custom color.  I decided to go for a Light Gray which, according to their chart, said to mix 1/4 tsp. of Black liquid dye for every 1 cup of water.  I did the sink dye procedure with hot water.

So I did as I was told and for the first few minutes it looked like purple. I even checked the container to make sure I purchased the black dye and not purple. So I panicked and put more black in the water.  I probably doubled the amount. Why can’t I just be patient and follow directions?gray dye

After the prescribed time I took it out and washed it and sure enough…it was gray, but darker than the color I was going for.  But, in the end, I still love it and I have learned a valuable lesson…follow directions numbskull!

dying pillow

So have you worked with dye before?  I think I might be in love.  I am thinking of all the dying possibilities and I am excited to experiment some more.