Dutch Boy Refresh Paint

Dutch Boy recently sent me four gallons of their new Refresh line of paint to review.  The Refresh line is made with baking soda and boasts: "Eliminates Household Odors.  The first and only paint with Arm & Hammer ® odor-eliminating technology that beautifies and eliminates odors at the same time.”  It also has zero VOC’s so is very safe to paint with.

One can not review the paint without talking about the brilliance of the design of their container.  It is a no-mess can with a pourable spout!

They sent me a fan deck and I got to choose my colors. I chose Antique White, Lake Champlain and Fountain of Youth for my color choices.  I am getting quite the mileage out of my free paint.

I brushed it on, rolled it, and used my paint sprayer with this paint.  The paint is a bit thinner than my normal brand so I was shocked that it had great coverage. My only complaint is that I was expecting a little more sheen on their satin.  I think I should have chosen a semi-gloss instead of a satin since I like a tiny bit of gloss on my furniture projects. But I will say this was by far the EASIEST paint to use in my paint sprayer.  There was no need to thin and it sprayed so evenly. Waaaaay better than my current brand that I have to thin and sometimes sputters. The best part was that I painted during the day and by the time I went to bed you could not even smell the paint.  I have never had that happen with ANY paint. I would totally recommend Dutch Boy Refresh.  Two IC thumbs up from me.

Here are the projects I used Lake Champlain on (Click on the pictures to be taken to the post).:

My Aqua Armoire IMG_0438

The Little Bird Lamp


The frame of my Subway art piece


I used the Antique White on the following projects:

Stained and Painted End Table


My Upholstered Bench SeatIMG_0015

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