Drawing Paper Roll

My kids love to draw, especially my daughter.  In October I built this Ballard Inspired Paper Holder for my kids.  They use it all the time.  It is in the perfect location too — right between our kitchen and our playroom.  So when I am making dinner I can still interact with my kids while they using their drawing paper roll. 

drawing paper roll

My original inspiration was this Junction Paper Holder from Ballard Designs.


Photo Credit: Ballard Designs

Click here to read the full tutorial on the Ballard Designs Inspired Paper Holder.

Originally I added a shelf at the bottom to hold their crayons.  So what would happen is I would get the buckets from the top shelf down for them and put them on the shelf below. The crayons were always falling off the little shelf and it drove me crazy.

drawing paper roll

Last week I was in Atlanta and went to IKEA.  Oh how I wish we had an IKEA closer!

But I found the perfect solution to my problem.  The Bygel container and rail!

So I removed the shelf and patched up the holes. The I primed and repainted tha area.


Then I added the Bygel Rail ($1.99) and 4 blue Bygel Containers ($.99/each).  I also picked up another roll of drawing paper for $4.99. For $6 I don’t have to get the buckets down for my kids and they have a spot to hold their markers and crayons that they can reach.

drawing paper roll

I also had added some vinyl lettering with a quote from Pablo Picasso on the stay-in-place-rails that says “Every Child is An Artist.”


Much better!