Dr. Seuss Playroom

Mission Dr. Seuss Playroom accomplished:

Playrooms are hard to decorate. We all long to have a beautifully organized one like this…

but let’s face it…TOYS HAPPEN!

It is hard to tuck plastic slides, plastic wagons, a train table with one cah-jillion trains on it, Rescue Heroes, and 10 foot tall stuffed animals into nice little bins. I am sure you can relate to your playroom looking like this…

My friend wanted me to decorate her playroom. She was “over” the gray walls, lack of storage and zero decor on the walls. (Notice the rug? SCORE!!!)

We decided to go for a Dr. Seuss theme and took our inspiration from Pottery Barn.

We started out by painting the walls yellow. Then I hand painted the clock on the left wall.

I told you about how we both scored the laminate storage armoires. We painted hers with chalkboard paint (primered first) and then I hand painted the “one fish, two fish” on them with white paint. I tried to make it look like it was written in chalk.

Her big splurge was the 6 foot tall Cat in the Hat wall decal from PB. I guess she didn’t trust me to hand paint it. I am glad she made that decision – that would have been a HUGE project.

Then we added the famous Tar-Jay white laminate storage bins with cloth bins on either side of the armoire for added storage and color.

I think it turned out so fun! We have a few more tweaks to make it perfect but it looks 100% better wouldn’t you agree?