Door Headboard {Roadkill Rescue}

A few weeks back, on our date night, we spotted an old wooden door curbside.   The supportive husband that Tim is, he stopped to feed my Roadkill Rescue addiction curiosity.   The door was solid wood and luckily my man was with me to heave it into our van.   I had immediately had visions of turning the old door into a headboard for our bedroom.

door to headboard (7)

Besides being filthy it had two coats of paint on it that was chipped and ugly.   I decided to strip the door down to bare wood.   I felt like just cleaning it up and painting over it wouldn’t give me the look I wanted.


Stripper (I recommend Bix, Jasco or Kleen Strip)

Stripping supplies

Sandpaper (60, 80, 100, 120 grit)

Electric sander


Paints Sprayer

Dutch Boy’s Antique White paint in Satin

Minwax Wipe On Poly

Minwax Vermont Maple Stain

air compressor

air nail gun

wood filler

disposable paint brush

measuring tape

wood screws

wood glue

caulk/caulk gun

french cleat

electric drill

1. I first removed the old door knob and the knocker (don’t worry I saved it).

removing door knocker

2.   I spent hours stripping the paint off the door.   I recommend using a REALLY thick coat of stripper to get the maximum amount of paint off it in one swoop.   Since there was varnish and two coats of paint over the door it took a few coats of stripper to eat away the coating until I got to bare wood.

stripping a wood door

2.   Once completely stripped I sanded in all the crevices and the door starting at 60 grit and working all the way to 120 grit.   I used my electric sander for most of it and then hand sanded the crevices that I could not get with the electric sander. OH MY THIS WAS HARD WORK!   I also filled in the door knocker hole with wood putty.   However, I left the door knob hole since it would be covered by my bed.

sanded door

3.   At this point I purchased a piece of crown molding and used a 1” x 4” I had in my garage to frame out the top.   I enticed a good friend Mike to come over for dinner and then weaseled my way into asking him to cut it for me.   Thanks Mike!

door headboard

door to headboard

headboard door

4.   Using an air nail gun and wood glue he attached the crown molding pieces to the side of the door for me.   Then I came back and added wood screws into the top of the 1” x 4” and into the door for added strength and to keep the board straight.   Then I wood puttied and sanded all the holes.   I also ended up caulking some of the edges as well to give it a smooth line.

I debated a long time but after realizing that it wouldn’t work to stain it due to the various types of wood I primed and painted (sanding in between) it with my air sprayer.


door headboard (2)

Painted (Antique White by Dutch Boy)

old door headboard (2)

5. As much as I love plain painted furniture I just had to distress this piece.   Plus I asked my Facebook fans and it was unanimous to distress it! The door itself had too many imperfections that to try and not bring out those imperfections would have made it look unpolished.   So I sanded the piece down on the edges.   Since the wood was very light I took a Q-tip and added some stain (Minwax Vermont Maple) to the edges as well, wiping it off quickly with a wet rag to remove the stain from the painted parts.


6. I then ended up giving it two coats of Minxwax’s Wipe On Poly.   I have never used this product before but I LOVES!!!!.   It gives it a hand rubbed beauty without brush strokes and is so quick and easy to apply.


7.   We decided to hang it on the wall with a French cleat.   It was kind of pricey at $15 but this door weighs a ton and we knew it would give it the security it needed.

One part added to the back of the door

french cleat

One part added to the wall

french cleat (2)

Then we just slid the door in place.   Then I pushed the mattress in place and made my bed with my new bamboo sheets.

door headboard (1)

door headboard (4)

After a decade of living without a headboard, we finally have a headboard I adore and I am so proud in making part of our home.

door headboard (7)

door headboard (1)door headboard (8)

What do you think? Do you love my new headboard?

I have A BIG ANNOUNCEMENT TOMORROW! You don’t want to miss it!