DIY Yellow Ombre Lamp

I am changing out our color scheme in our family room.  My well-loved, long term relationship with red and aqua has ended after 7 1/2 years.  Sad, but true. However, aqua still has my heart so I couldn’t abandon her completely.

We painted the walls a light gray color which really helped lighten the space.  Then I added the new painted striped curtains and now I am moving onto the lamps.  They were red and now with a few cans of spray paint I turned them into some DIY ombre lamps.


I liked the shape of the lamps and didn’t want to purchase new ones.  So I spent about $20 in spray paint. It is subtle but you can definitely tell the variances of color when you look at them.


fine grit Sandpaper

Spray primer

various shades of spray paint

turn table {optional}


1.  Lightly sand the entire lamp to give it a little tooth so the paint will stick to it.  Tape off the cord and the light socket.


2.  Lightly spray entire lamp with spray primer.  Lightly sand the primed surface to make it completely smooth.

Here is a 50 second video showing you how I created the ombre effect with 4 cans of spray paint.


I purchased some new shades at Target.  The other ones I had for over 5 years and they were looking a little skanky and needed an upgrade anyway.  They have a slight little ruffle on them.




I love how a few cans of spray paint can completely change the look of anything.