DIY Tissue Paper Wreath

Birthdays can be expensive.  Finding cheap birthday decorations that are cute can often be challenging.  Every year I make my kids paper bag piñatas for their birthdays.  Using a similar technique, and preparing for my daughter’s 4th birthday party next week, I created a wreath made out of the dollar store streamers and a STYROFOAM™ Brand Wreath.  The perfect part about this wreath is that you can remove the steamers after the party and use your wreath form again. Can you guess the theme of my daughter’s party by the colors of the wreath?  Bonus points for the those that are right.



2 colors of paper streamers

12” STYROFOAM™ Brand Wreath

Long pins with a head on it

hot glue gun

sewing machine and thread

1.  This is painfully easy if you can sew a straight line with your sewing machine.  Take one roll of your paper streamers and run it through your sewing machine on the longest and widest stitch on one of the edges of the streamer.  Run the entire roll through your machine.


2.  Repeat with the second color.

3.  Pin or hot glue one streamer edge onto the back of your wreath.  Pin or hot glue the other ruffled streamer spaced evenly apart from the first one.


4.  Try your hardest to keep the two colors of ruffled streamers apart from each other so you don’t get a tangled mess on your hands.  Then just alternate colors wrapping the ruffled streamers around the wreath being careful not to twist them.


5.  Pin the ends to the back of the wreath. To add a little more depth create some tissue paper ruffle roses with the extra ruffled streamers.  You can see the process on the ruffle flowers here.


6.  Stick a head pin through the rose and into the side of the Styrofoam wreath.


7.  Use some paper streamers to hang it from your door.


Save the extra ruffled streamers to make a cheap and easy piñata.  Stay tuned for more 4 year old girl birthday décor soon.

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