DIY Pallet Valentine Art

I am not a huge seasonal decorator.  Are you?  I don’t have lots of tchotchkes and other décor to just change it up every season.  I am pretty simplistic in my approach to decorating.  I usually decorate maybe one entryway table seasonally and maybe add a few new pillows since I love making them. I decided to create a large DIY “LOVE” art for Valentine’s day a couple of years ago.  However, I used untraditional Valentine’s day colors so I can display it year round.  It looks like a mini pallet and without the ruffles costs $9 to make.

DIY Pallet Valentine Art


9 – 1”x 2” x 8’ furring strips (they are $.75 each at Lowes)

hammer and nails or air nailer


measuring tape

miter saw


old t-shirts

primer and paint

7 yards of Simplicity Canary Yellow Box Pleat Quilt Binding

hot glue gun

flat paintbrush

wood glue

pre-wood conditioner

1.  With your miter saw cut the furring strips to the size you want.  I cut 2 @ 26” and 2 @ 32”.

2. With wood glue on each edge and a square shoot nails into the sides of your board to create a frame.



3.  Cut 22 furring strips @ 28”.  Using your air nailer, nail the furring strips down onto the sides of your frame.  I used a nickel for spacing between boards.


4.  Don’t patch up any of the holes or sand the furring strips.  We are going rustic here.  Just give it a quick coat of pre-wood conditioner.  This step is important when staining pine because if not it is all splotchy and the stain doesn’t take evenly.  Wipe away the excess.  Once dry give it a coat of stain.


5.  I used my Silhouette machine to cut vinyl out hoping to spray paint the letters on with a vinyl stencil.  Unfortunately, the vinyl didn’t stick to my newly stained boards.  So I ended up tracing the letters on and then priming and painting the letters silvers.  Kind of annoying but worth it in the end.  I just used the little craft paints for the silver letters.


6.  Once dry I sanded the letters down so that the wood would peek through a bit.

7.  I traced the heart and then just hot glued the ruffled trim in place.



I love the unexpected in décor.  Like pairing ruffles and wood together.  Swoon!

Here is the best part.  A sweet little handmade chalkboard heart vase that he built for a few years back at the Lowes Build and Grow clinic.  Gotta love that kid.


Love this idea?  You can see the other one I made for Thanksgiving as well, which similarly, can be used year round.