DIY Lego Table Transformation

While the 80s was a great era with the big hair, rock music and neon bright colors, (they are making a comeback!) one thing that wasn’t was the furniture.  The parquet insets and rounded corners – ugh! The smoke glass inset tables – no thanks!

How to make a Lego Table by Infarrantly Creative

However those rounded corners come in handy when you are trying to make a Lego table and looking for something with soft corners for a rambunctious boy.  I found this smoke glass inset table on Craigslist for a steal.  It was skanky and the neighborhood was sketchville but it was just the piece I was looking for to make a Lego table. After we fixed the shelf underneath by adding new screws we were ready to begin the transformation.

Parquet table with glass insets


ghetto fab 1980’s parquet table with glass insets

Liquid Nails

air nailer


2’ x 4’ x 1/2” piece of MDF



6 LEGO Baseplates <–– Amazon link

sharp scissors

tape measure


Minwax Polycrylic <—Amazon Link


1. Cut the 1/2” MDF to cover the inside of the table.  I chose 1/2” because I needed that size for the insets to be flush with the table.  You want to create a lip so that the MDF insets will sit flush with the bottom ridge of the table when you put them in from the top of the table.  Use Liquid Nails and an air nailer to set it in a lego table

2.  Cut the MDF to the size of the insets.  Mine were a bit rounded so we took some sandpaper to round the corners so that the pieces would fit in.  You can see how the Lego bases fit on top of that.

Lego table plans

3.  Prime and paint everything.  I used Stonewall Jackson from Dutch Boy which was leftover from my striped painted curtains.  I also gave it 3 coats of Minwax Polycrylic (sanding with a fine grit in between coats) just to give it some extra protection.

Painted Lego table

4.  The Lego baseplates we cut with some sharp scissors to fit the MDF.  Then I used some Liquid Nails to adhere those. 

Lego table

DIY Lego table

What is great about is now Isaac has 6 different stations to build. And the insets are still removable so he can move them if he wants to -although I threathen encourage that the Lego mess stay in his room. 



Lego table

My son is pretty proud of his Angry Birds Lego creation that he thought of all by himself.

Angry Birds Lego

And lets show a good before and after….

Before Lego Table

Lego Table

Have a child obsessed with Legos?

Here is another option for a lego table that is a bit thinner and easier to tuck on a wall.

Lego Table Cubbies


Painted Lego Bins

Lego storage

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Repost from May of 2013