Dipey Wipey Case Tutorial

Travel Size Diaper Case (I used Huggies)
1/4″ foam
Embroidery Scissors
Hot glue gun
1/2″ decorative trim
1/2″ ribbon (optional)
1/2″ ribbon charm (optional)
IMPORTANT: Try not to manipulate the case too much or glue the fabric too tight or it won’t have a tight seal.
1. Trace around the top and bottom of the diaper case to make a pattern. Cut out. Pin those to the fabric. Cut about 1/4″ bigger than the pattern on the bottom. Cut about 1/2″ bigger than the pattern around the top to compensate for the foam.

2. From the pattern cut out one piece of foam for the top.

3. Glue foam in place on top of the diaper case. Take the fabric and wrap it around to all four sides of the case. I usually glue the side of the back first and then stretch it to the front and glue the front side. Then I glue the left side and then stretch to the right side and glue. You do not want to glue to seap over the top edge, nor do you want to glue the case shut. Then with embroidery scissors cut off excess fabric. I do not allow the fabric to go all the way to the bottom of the top of the case. The picture below will give you an idea of how far down I let my fabric go. I glue all my sides first and then glue my corners. Leaving some room is fine because the decorative trim will hide alot.

<> 4. Next I do the same thing and glue the fabric on the bottom sides of the case. I do not add foam to the bottom. It should look like this when all the fabric is on.

5. At this point if you want to add a ribbon and a ribbon charm you would glue that in place. If not proceed with step 6.

6. Next tuck the trim under and glue it to itself so you don’t have a raw edge. Start gluing the trim in the middle of the back of the class. Glue all the way around the side of the top of the case. Do not overlap the edge or you won’t be able to open the case. When you get around to the case again glue the trim to intself and tuck it under. Then glue it down so you have no raw edges that can fray. Now do the same with the bottom edge of the case.

This is what it should look like all completed.

Picture of the case opened. Just add wipes.