Delayed Gratification

I want a new stove. I have wanted a new stove since I first laid eyes on the one that currently came with the house. In our old house in Washington we had a flat top electric one. I miss her. Now I have a bottom of the line electric stove with the coil burners. I hate her. I hate her even more after this past weekend.

I had made brownies for the fondue. I was letting them cool on top of one of the burners. I was using another burner to warm up the meat fondue and I accidentally turned on the wrong burner. I smelled a strange burning smell but I thought it was the burner I was currently cooking on. When all of the sudden, “BANG!!” The glass brownie pan exploded into a zillion pieces. Praise the Lord nobody got hurt. There is a burn mark from a hot piece of glass in our linoleum, but that was the only casualty. So all the cousins pitched in to help me clean it up.

Since that time my feet have found many glass shards. I haven’t cleaned all the glass out of my stove since then because I hate her and I am trying to make her suffer. But today is the day. I am taking all the burners out and unscrewing the front of the stove and cleaning it good.

But all I keep dreaming about is her…

An electric, stainless steel, flat top, double oven. Isn’t she gorgeous? The problem is she costs (best can scenario) $1200. What I want to say is screw Dave Ramsey, so what if I only have $435 saved towards it. I can be like 61% of Americans and go into credit card debt. I mean $765 on a credit card isn’t that bad right? I will pay it off by the end of the year no problem. But then I would be compromising my beliefs and surely that is worth more than $765 right?


I know, I know I am being a spoiled brat. Tell me I am doing the right thing by saving and paying cash for it. I need a little comment love today people.