Deer Family Throw Pillow

I have been obsessed with two things lately: making pillows and the Simply Screen Kit from Plaid.   I saw this Holiday Deer Throw Family Pillow cover from Red Envelope that is not only $50 but is also sold out!   Not that I would purchase it anyway but I sure would recreate it myself.

red envelope pillow

deer pillow family


Pillow cover (I got mine from Ikea: Aina Pillow Cover $6)

Simply Screen Kit

White Simply Screen paint

Design program

White printer paper

Scotch Blue Painter’s Tape

1.   I designed a replica of the pillow I saw on Red Envelope making sure the images I wanted white were actually black in the deer throw pillow

2.   I printed out my design and then cut it down to fit the largest screen in the kit.

deer pillow (6)

3.   Then I peeled the backing from the screen and burnished my print out onto the sticky side of the screen.

deer pillow (8)

4.   Then I put a piece of glass over my image (image and screen side down) to really hold it down so the image would stay in tact when I exposed it.

deer pillow (9)

5.   Then I put it under the light box for exactly 25 minutes (SET A TIMER!).

deer pillow (14)

6.   I peeled back the paper and soaked my screen for 30 seconds.   With my kitchen sprayer and a sponge I wiped away the emulsion until all of my image was a clear screen.   Then I let my screen dry.

Simply Screen screenprinting

7.   Next I marked the center of my pillow cover and then got my screen and taped it down with Scotch Blue painters tape.

deer pillow (18)

8.   I squirted two lines of Simply Screen paint and then drug it over my image pulling the paint into the screen.   I used a thick coat and covered the entire image.   I let it sit for two minutes and then I added another coat (since it was a lighter colored paint on a dark fabric).

deer pillow (12)

9.   Then I peeled off the tape.   I pulled back the screen to reveal my print.

deer pillow (2)  deer pillow (3)

Woo-hoo! It is beautiful and the perfect little winter pillow!   Then I let it dry.   Using a press cloth I ironed it to set the print.   Then I popped a pillow in it and admired it on couch.

family pillow

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  1. Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. says

    Ok, now that is just totally adorable!

  2. Wow Beckie! You have Simply Screen perfected! So I have questions *of course*. I had problems with image too close to the edges but yours look like they came out great. No touch ups needed?

    And I just reread your post so that answered my question about the white on red 😛

    Let the pinning commence!

    • {giggle} Sometimes I need touch ups but most of the time no. I love it! Seriously I could make a million silk screen pillows and not have my fill. It is so fun. One of my new loves.

  3. Becki,

    I love checking your blog about all the awesome projects you do. Where do you find the time? I have a question about silk screening (Plaid) vs iron on (Silhoutte Cameo). Do you have a preference about one over the other? Is it easier? More cost effective? Would love to hear from you. My husband is asking me to take on a t-shirt project for Boy Scouts and I’m contemplating going with SIlhoutte but I’ve read several of your posts where you used the Plaid Simply Screen.

    • Great post idea! I think I will have to do a post on that. But to answer your question I would probably do the Simply Screen if I were making a bunch of them. The Silhouette is great for one design but you’d have to keep cutting out vinyl to do over and over again. The Simply Screen you make the screen and then you have it to use over and over again. Thank you for loving my blog. This is my full time job, that is how I find the time. HA!

      • Thanks for the response. I went ahead and purchased the Simple Screen. Wish me luck as I attempted to use it this weekend to make a t-shirt for my daughter.

  4. A-dor-a-ble!! Love the white on red, and the cute silhouettes. 🙂

  5. oh my gosh! I have friend who is expecting their second baby and their last name is BUCK! This is going to make a great gift!! Thanks for sharing!!

  6. Okay, I have a question… (per usual “read insert big smiley face here”) How many uses are you able to get from one kit? And how many sheets of “screen” paper does the kit include? Thanks! I love your pillow!

  7. LOVE THIS! What did you create the deer in? Was it a program? Please share more!!!

  8. That is ADORABLE!!!

  9. so cute Beckie!!

  10. Hi – A crafty friend gave me one of these kits for xmas this year. How small can you go with the font and still get good results? I want to put my Etsy logo on some little jewelry bags made from scrap fabric (bags sized for earrings, necklaces, etc.)…Thanks! Kate

  11. I love this, Beckie. Great Job!

  12. I just learned how to screenprint the homemade way (smile) and this is such a great, cute, idea. If I start now, perhaps I’ll have one in time for Christmas, 2012.

    Great blog. Loving getting caught back up.

    • Yah I have no idea how to do it the real way. I never even have looked into it. But this little process can be applied to so much it has definitely gotten me curious.


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