Deer Family Throw Pillow

I have been obsessed with two things lately: making pillows and the Simply Screen Kit from Plaid.   I saw this Holiday Deer Throw Family Pillow cover from Red Envelope that is not only $50 but is also sold out!   Not that I would purchase it anyway but I sure would recreate it myself.

red envelope pillow

deer pillow family


Pillow cover (I got mine from Ikea: Aina Pillow Cover $6)

Simply Screen Kit

White Simply Screen paint

Design program

White printer paper

Scotch Blue Painter’s Tape

1.   I designed a replica of the pillow I saw on Red Envelope making sure the images I wanted white were actually black in the deer throw pillow

2.   I printed out my design and then cut it down to fit the largest screen in the kit.

deer pillow (6)

3.   Then I peeled the backing from the screen and burnished my print out onto the sticky side of the screen.

deer pillow (8)

4.   Then I put a piece of glass over my image (image and screen side down) to really hold it down so the image would stay in tact when I exposed it.

deer pillow (9)

5.   Then I put it under the light box for exactly 25 minutes (SET A TIMER!).

deer pillow (14)

6.   I peeled back the paper and soaked my screen for 30 seconds.   With my kitchen sprayer and a sponge I wiped away the emulsion until all of my image was a clear screen.   Then I let my screen dry.

Simply Screen screenprinting

7.   Next I marked the center of my pillow cover and then got my screen and taped it down with Scotch Blue painters tape.

deer pillow (18)

8.   I squirted two lines of Simply Screen paint and then drug it over my image pulling the paint into the screen.   I used a thick coat and covered the entire image.   I let it sit for two minutes and then I added another coat (since it was a lighter colored paint on a dark fabric).

deer pillow (12)

9.   Then I peeled off the tape.   I pulled back the screen to reveal my print.

deer pillow (2)  deer pillow (3)

Woo-hoo! It is beautiful and the perfect little winter pillow!   Then I let it dry.   Using a press cloth I ironed it to set the print.   Then I popped a pillow in it and admired it on couch.

family pillow

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