Decorated Flip Flops

Flip flop season is upon us.  My little girl loves wearing flip flops because she can put them on by herself.  I decided to decorate her flip flops.  Since I like matching her shoes with her outfit I decided interchangeable embellishments would be perfect.

decorated flip flops (30)

decorated flip flops (36)


Plain flip flops (I got mine at Target)

Snap fasteners


Hot Glue Gun

Grosgrain ribbon

3/1"6” dowel rods

flower embellishments (optional)

heavy duty thread


1.  Glue the male end of the fastener onto the flip flop with E6000.

decorated flip flops (8)

decorated flip flops (11)

2.  Follow my tutorial for “How to Make Korker Bows” to make the curly bows.

3.  Sew the female fastener onto the back of the korker bow with a needle and thread.

decorated flip flops (39)

4.  Hot glue a flower embellishment, button, or doodad onto the front of your korker bow.

decorated flip flops (37)

5.  Snap the korker bow in place and put them on your little girl’s tootsies.

decorated flip flops (28)

Remove them and change them out for another embellishment.  You could add buttons, rosettes, scrabble tiles, etc. to make custom flip flops.

How stinking cute are those chubby feet on my baby girl?