Custom Cabinet Knobs

Cabinet knobs can be expensive.  At places like Anthropologie the high end knobs can range anywhere from $6 — $16.  If you have a dresser with six knobs you are shelling out some big bucks just for hardware.  I wanted to show you a way you can create beautiful custom knobs at home for a fraction of the price.  With this process they look like they are ceramic because of the bright glossy shine the Envirotex Lite gives it.

custom cabinets knobs


Wooden Knobs


Mod Podge


Envirotex Lite

Throw away brush

Stir Stick or Popsicle Stick

Throw away cup

Blue Painters Tape

Tissue Paper


I had a friend give me a huge bag of wooden knobs.  However, you can find wood knobs very inexpensively at places like Hobby Lobby and Michaels.

The original inspiration for my knobs came from the Lucky Number Knob from Anthropologie.  I thought it would be fun to make my own knobs with my house number on it.

Lucky Number Knob, Red from Anthropologie

lucky number knob

1.  I primered and painted my knobs a gloss white and let them dry.

custom cabinet knobs

2.  Next I cut out a piece of tissue paper and taped it to a piece of printer paper using blue painters’ tape.  Using the font Ecuyer Dax I typed out my “No. 821” in my word processing program. I ran it through my printer and my words typed out onto the tissue paper.

printing on tissue paper

3.  I then taped off my knobs to spray half of it another color.  I used Krylon Ocean Breeze for the bottom half.

custom cabinet knobs

custom cabinet knobs

4.  I cut out the numbered tissue paper and put a coat of Mod Podge over the top of my knob.  I pressed the tissue paper in place trying to push the creases out. It is impossible to get all the creases out because of the domed surface, I just did my best.

custom cabinet knobs

custom cabinet knobs

5.  Cut off the excess tissue paper with tiny sharp scissors.  Layer to top of the tissue paper with Mod Podge pressing the edges down smooth.  Make sure all edges and tissue paper are sealed with Mod Podge.

custon cabinets knobs

6. Mix up some Envirotex Lite according to directions.  MAKE SURE TO READ THE ENTIRE DIRECTIONS if you have never used this stuff before.  It is not a product you can just wing and get beautiful results.

mixing envirotext lite

7. With a throw away brush I “painted” the Envirotex Lite on over my sealed Mod Podged knob.  The Envirotex Lite when cured gives it a hard, glass like durable finish.  The reason I chose to use this product rather than a spray sealer is because how much use it will get.  The Envirotex Lite will hold up all the abuse these knobs will get.

(Below is one without the two tones of paint…doesn’t it look like ceramic!)


I ended up putting them on my bifold doors in my front hallway.


ETI sent me this product to try out. Envirotex Lite was created by Environmental Technologies Inc. (ETI), which is the home for many resin and mold making products.

Today, artists are using ETI’s products in many crafty ways and they will be showcasing these works of art on their new blog "Resin Crafts".

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