Cupcake Treat Bag

One more door to enter the “Countdown to Candy” giveaway.count-down-to-candy1 Have you gotten the Pottery Barn Kids Halloween mini catalog?  They have the most adorable costumes and treat bags.  I wanted to get started early on my kid’s Halloween costumes because October sneaks up on me every year.  I saw this and fell in love with the cuteness!  Since I would never spend $59 on a Halloween costume, Since this doesn’t come in Kayla’s size I decided I am going to have to figure out how to make it.pbcupcake I figured I would start off with the easiest part…the coordinating treat bag. cupcaketreatbag


I got an 8” brown felt basket from Total Class Creative.

I suppose you could make that too.  But for $5.99 it is worth it to purchase it.  Plus I heard through the grapevine that there will be a code for 25% off your purchase starting September 15th.  I will keep you posted.TCC290-300x3001. Grab some light pink, dark pink, red, and tan felt. Carefully unattach the handle.

2.  I used an embroidery hoop for a template and drew a circle and cut it out. But you can use whatever you have around the house to make a large circle. Then I traced a smaller circle (the top of a canister) to draw scallops on the circle.  IMG_0782IMG_07843. I drew a circle with 3” diameter and centered it in the middle of the scalloped circle and then cut it out.  Then I cut 1” slits all the way around the inner circle.

IMG_0786IMG_07874. Cut a out the same size circle of tan felt and then cut a circle in the middle.  I just kind of “eyeballed” it.IMG_07885. Cut out small circle dots of red, tan and light pink.IMG_0791 6. Lay the tan felt on top of the basket and hot glue it down.IMG_0789 7. Put.dabs of hot glue down under the tan felt and pinch it together so that it forms puckered pleaty things.IMG_07928. Grab the hot pink felt and glue it in place underneath the lip of the basket gluing down the slits.  After that I ran it through my sewing machine to make sure it is all nice and sturdy for all that Halloween loot.IMG_0793IMG_0795 Hot glue the dots in place.IMG_0797 Reattach the handle with hot glue.IMG_0798IMG_0812

Yummy cupcake!