Creating a Meaningful Home

I originally posted this on SAS Interiors “Creating a Meaningful Home” series that she is running this summer.  You can check out what over 27+ other bloggers had to say about creating a meaningful home as well.  I am loving this series and it really made me think about why I decorate the way I do.  This whole concept is something I am very passionate about.  I want my home to be more than a pretty place.  I want it to be a haven for my family, an open door for friends and a place of warmth and love for all who enter.  Here are some of the principles that I think about when I decorate.

1.  Decorate your Values

I want my home to be surrounded by the values I hold, and to remind myself when I a tempted to forget them.

The first thing I do when I wake up is enter my bathroom to get ready for the day.  My DIY Jewelry cabinet with a bible verse on it greets me.  While it was made to be functional and house all of my jewelry I knew it would be a way to inject my value system into my décor.



During the patriotic holidays I love bringing out this little piece I created to remind me of the amazing privilege I have to live in a free land.  Again, it is a value I hold in my heart and a way I choose to remind myself of that.

god_bless_america-frame_thumb (1)

2.  Decorate your History

My husband and I have been married 15 years in August.  It is so fun to reminisce of the places we have been, the crazy things we’ve done and the love we’ve shared over the years.

In my master bedroom I have created this $9 mini gallery wall of some of the fun moments in our lives together.  It is a small reminder of our history together and my kids love to see mommy and daddy younger.


In 15 years together you live a lot of life, and in our case, move a lot.  I created this subway art with all of our addresses out of an old sign I found curbside.  It is one of my favorite art pieces in my home and perfect for our master bedroom walls.

address sign subway art

3.  Decorate your Goals

One of my goals for 2013 was to instill creativity into my kiddos.  I have put a bunch of things into place to make that happen.  When designing my dream craft studio I made sure to think about this goal when decorating.  So I built a large craft table that not only works for my job but also doubles as a space where we have dedicated family craft time.  On the other side of the table stores all my kids craft supplies.  Unlike my last studio, my kids are free to come into this space whenever they want to create.


Also to keep this goal as a constant reminder I have a collage picture hanging up in my studio of some of the creative adventures with my kiddos.  It helps remind me to stay focused on this goal.


4.  Think about Others

I have been in circles where women talk about how they hate having other kids over because of the mess it creates and the things that are bound to break.  While I know that happens almost all the time I also believe that I can’t take any of this stuff with me when I die. I think opening the doors of our home to people other than family is so important.  My husband and I have worked hard to have our home be the place in the neighborhood where the kiddos want to come. Whether that is offering the kids a snack or letting them jump on our trampoline our house is always a constant place of chaos with kids coming in and out of our doors all day long.  While that oftentimes creates extra work for our family, the investment into the lives of others is important to us.  I want people to know that they are always welcome in my house which is probably why my guest room is the prettiest room in my home.


Click here to see stenciled, upholstered headboard, painted striped curtains, board & batten wall and coral lamp makeover.

I just opened up my home to throw a bird & branches baby shower for my friend.  It was the first time my studio had gotten used and it was such a blessing to me to share my home with others in that way.


If I have any piece of encouragement for you when it comes to decorating I would say to make sure it is meaningful to you and those that live in it.  And then I would encourage you to share that meaning with others.

I would love to hear how you create a meaningful home.