Crayon Name Tag

Well if your kids aren’t back to school yet I am guessing they start tomorrow at the latest.  My kids have been back to school for nearly a month already.  I had made Isaac’s teacher a crayon nametag for back-to-school night.  She was stylin’ while the rest of the teachers had plain white lanyards with their nametags on it.  These are really simple to make and a cute way to show your name if you are a teacher.



9 Crayons

Composition Notebook (I used a red one and a black one)

stick pin with ball on the end

flush cut pliers

hot glue gun

Sizzix Tattered Floral Die with die cut machine or pattern of a flower

pin back


white paint or primer


corner rounder


exacto knife

1. Cut a piece of stiff cardboard or composition notebook cover to 2 1/2” x 3 1/2”.  Cut another piece 1 1/2” x 2 1/4” inch and round the corners.

2.  Using a hot glue gun adhere all the crayons (facing the same direction) on the piece of cardboard.


3.  Give the nametag a quick coat of white paint to cover the words.  Then glue a piece of composition paper onto the front.  Cut out the excess with an exacto knife and then use sandpaper in a downward movement to give it a finished look.


4.  Using a die cut machine cut out the flowers from red and black composition notebook cover using the Tattered floral die from Tim Holtz.  You will only use the medium and small flower from the die.  You could also use pre-cut flowers or make fabric rosettes instead.

5.  Cut the stick pin down to just fit through two layers of the composition notebook flowers with the flush cutters.

6.  Using hot glue stack the composition book flowers on top of each other.  Glue the notebook paper tag onto the crayons.  Then glue the flowers in place.

7.  Hot glue a pin back on the back.


8.  If you are concerned about the crayons writing on the shirt you can spray it with a clear sealer.


When the crayon nametag isn’t in use here is a cute way to store it…

Back to School Wreath

school wreath