Craft Room Organization

Are you a peeker?  When you are at someone’s house and go to the bathroom do you open drawers and medicine cabinets?  Are you nosey like me?  I don’t know what it is about peeking inside cabinets that thrill me.  I just love seeing what beauty products people use, how they organize, and what they keep in their cabinets, etc.  I don’t expect to find any big family secret but I would totally be the person who this happened to.


So to cure the curiosity of many of you that asked I am going to give you a peek inside my studio cabinets.  I started out with these 9 cabinets that I built.  That is a whole lot of room to store things!


Almost everything in my cabinets is in plastic totes, bins or drawers.  I will show you all the ones I use. I have collected all of them over the years, purchasing them when needed.  I did purchase six new Sterilite ShowOff totes at Wal-mart (I gave you the Amazon link but they are $3.97 at my Wal-mart) this past week since I needed a few more.  These are great because they are clear so you can see inside them and they also have a handle on the top which makes transporting them easy.

craft storage

I have 3 Sterilite 3-Drawer Carts in the bottom of my shelves to store my fabric in. I use the Sterilite Ultra Basket to store trims, containers I want to upcycle, scrap fabric, glass bottles, small wood pieces, etc.  I use the Sterilite Clear View 3 Storage Drawer for my office supplies like staplers, pencils and pens, sharpies, tape, scissors, etc.  I also have a couple of Sterilite Small Drawer with White Frame for my labeler, postcards, tape guns, etc.  Lastly I use numerous shoe box sized Sterlite totes as well.

Holy canoli that is a lot of craft supplies! I know! And obviously the reason why I spent months building them.  Here I the left side cabinets…

craft room storage

and the right side cabinets…

craft room organization

I need to organize all my scrapbook paper (I have a plan for that).  I also have one cabinet that is nearly empty – which is always a good problem.

My secret weapon for my cabinet organization is my labeler.  Obviously with this much stuff you need to label them. I have the Brother P Touch Labeler (it looks like it is half off on Amazon right now!).  I LOVE MY LABELER!  I don’t like paper labels because they always leave a residue behind when you remove it.  The ones that comes with the P-touch are plastic laminate so the remove easily.

borther p-touch labelerbrother labeler

So there you have it.  Curiosity no more.
Disclaimer: I have attached Amazon affiliate links to all of the totes.  Should you decide to purchase I get a kick back.  Please. And