Craft Room Studio Makeover- Columbus, OH House Part 4

I realized I kinda of dropped the ball on showing you the rest of my studio makeover in my new house in Columbus, Ohio.  Back in Indianapolis I worked hard to create a personal and custom craft space.  I did work hard on my new space here in Ohio but I didn’t build all the cabinets like I did in my old house.  I also was able to bring with me my paint door and my huge craft table so that saved me time in the new space.  I wanted to show you the other part of the room.  If you missed any of the posts you can read those first.


Beginning of the Pre-Fabbed IKEA Cabinets

Trimming out the Cabinets

Part 3 Sewing Table and Cabinets

Adding Length to the Old Curtains to Reuse in the New Space

So when I last showed you pictures of my studio (back in October – yikes) I had shown you just the storage area.  Well my studio is on the first floor of my house where the sitting room and dining room would be in a good ole Midwest home.  Both of those rooms always seemed pointless to me.  We never have big fancy dinners where a dining room would prove useful, and a sitting room?? Don’t get me started on that.  I am a huge proponent of using the spaces in your home for what suits your family at the stage of life you are in.  However I also make sure to think about resale value down the road.  So while this space fits our family perfectly now, everything can be removed and be turned back into a sitting room and dining room in one day should we want to.

Craft Room Storage space (AKA the old dining room)


The dining room and sitting room are separated by a small wall with weird cutouts.  I may considering drywalling those cutout areas some day because they are truly awkward.


The large craft table I built for my last studio in Indianapolis. It is huge coming it at over 45 square feet. It fits perfect in this space and allows a lot of traffic area all the way around.  Pssst…there is a sneak peek of my staircase makeover too.  The light matches the smaller one in the storage area and is from Lowes. It provides plenty of light, even at night.


The craft table has truly been a blessing.  I have had craft parties, classes, and lots of art time with my kids on that table.  Speaking of “on that table” that is usually where Kayla sits when she creates.


You can see by all the shadows in the pictures that I have great lighting in the room.  There are 4 windows in the area where my craft table is which makes for great lighting for photography.  Also the reason why I chose a white laminate top for my craft table was also for photography purposes.  It takes a little bit more to keep it nice but it is worth it to have a nice backdrop for tutorial shots.

View from Craft Storage Room



While I only have 4 stools at the table I have 4 more in my kitchen that I can bring in for more seating.  Two chairs fit comfortably in each open space.


The above picture is the view from the front of the house.  On the opposite end I have a bunch of plastic drawers all perfectly organized for Kayla.  They aren’t the cutest but they have proven perfect for helping her keep all her creative supplies handy and organized.


Also I picked up an IKEA Helmer rolling drawer cart for all her paper.  It rolls underneath the table next to one of the barstools.  This has definitely helped tame the paper clutter. Also those baskets are the Byholma from IKEA as well.


On top of the table I have some lazy susan art caddies I made from supplies at IKEA.  It helps keep scissors, glue guns and craft tools I use regularly very accessible.

DSC_0553craft table room

I see someone peeled off my label! Another thing to add to the growing to-do list. 😛


I will be back soon with some more craft room inspiration.  But before we go, how about a good before and after…


I mean come on!!!