Craft Room Reveal – a look back

So I am currently working on my new creative space in my house in Columbus, Ohio.  Almost a year ago we moved here and I am finally getting this room done.  This time I decided not to build all my own cabinets.  My previous craft room in Indianapolis took 4 months to complete.  My goal is 1 month for my new space.  I am on Day 6 of painting cabinets.  All I have left is 34 doors to paint.  Yesterday I installed the 15 IVAR cabinets on one wall and I am slowly purging and organizing everything.  But before I move forward here is a quick look at my old studio…

Published April 11, 2013…

This is the day I have been waiting for 4 months to happen – CRAFT STUDIO REVEAL DAY! But before you can appreciate a good before and after let’s begin with the story of my former craft room and see the inspiration for the change.

craft studio reveal

Before I designed and built this space I had a tiny 10’ x 11’ foot room that I thought would be a good idea to paint pumpkin orange (egads!). It became more of a craft storage room than a place to create.  It was also the only room on the first floor with a shut door.  So when people came over and we had to hide stuff guess where it went?  Yep to the craft room.  Every month I had to gut, purge and clean it.

craft studio


I desperately needed a place to actually work and store all of my supplies. What started out as a mere conversation with Sandra from Sawdust Girl telling me that she could totally coach me along on this project, became a reality January 1st as I was getting all my supplies from Lowes.

lowes wood

So we started to build from scratch, my amazing studio cabinets which set in motion the main organization of the room.  If you want to read my Sawdust Diary where I walked through all the ups and downs of building those cabinets head on over to Sawdust Girl.

craft room organization

After the cabinets were complete, I tweaked an Ana White plan to make my large craft room table.  This is the main hub of the room and where I spend most of my time.  I made it countertop height since most of the time I stand when I do my projects.  It is nice to not always have to bend over my projects when I work.

craft room inspiration

Then I needed a dual purpose option to hold both my craft paints and hide my drop down iron.  I didn’t have much wall space in this room with only three to work with, two of which had cabinets on them.  So the Paint Shelf Hidden Door was born.

craft paint storage

I also needed an area where I could pretend like I can sew. Scratching off our original plan to build a desk, I took a Craiglist find and painted it to the match the cabinets.  It became an instant sewing table as well as a place for me to store my files, Silhouette machine and my printer.

sewing table

Moving day came and I took about a million trips up and down the stairs and organized the cabinets. I managed to pack to the gills 8 of the 9 cabinets I built.


And then finally I got to decorate and add details like my lazy susan art caddy, and some amazing curtains from IKEA (Janette $24.99 a pair) that set the color palette for the space.

art caddy

Not only is this a space for me to work in but it has been the hub for homework, craft projects and game nights.  My kids are hard at work trying to create pieces of art to add to our gallery wall.

how to create a gallery wall

This project, by far, was the most zealous project I have ever taken on.  Not only did it take me three months to complete but cost me the most of any remodel project I have ever done.  I had set a budget for this project (and paid cash!) and was right at that but for all I did to transform this room I think it is pretty amazing and it was worth every penny to me.

Many of you have asked where this is in our house.  It is our upstairs loft.  Here you can see the stairwell and get an idea of its placement in our home.

craft room ideas

The loft used to be an underutilized game room.  The only bummer was the fact that we had to lose our ping-pong table.  Even though we only used it quarterly, just knowing it is gone is a slight bummer.

craft room reveal

Would you even in a million years guess it was the same room?

I literally spend about 8 hours a day in here working, crafting and playing with my kiddos.  My family literally has to beg me to come downstairs.

craft room ideas

craft room inspiration

It is by far my favorite space in the entire house.  I never want to move.ever.

I never beg for pins but I would appreciate, ever so greatly, if you would consider pinning this.  I worked so hard at this project I want everyone to see it.

And now for my acceptance speech…

I want to give Sandra from Sawdust Girl a huge thank you for listening to me argue, complain and then finally get to work.  I would have never attempted this project without her coaching.  Also thank you to Rex for bailing me out when I couldn’t take one more minute of the project.  Thank you to the Lowes employees in Indianapolis for cutting all of the wood for the cabinet bases and for providing the flooring, as well as pretending to be totally interested every time I came in to show them pictures of the progress. Thank you to Derrick from D. Lawless Hardware for sending me all the hardware for this project, even after I changed my mind and had him send different ones.  And thank you to my amazing hubby who helped me build the cabinets and had the patience to put up with my whining for three months.  I love you more than my studio.