Craft Paint Storage

I have a thing for storage.   The minute I was sent a big box full of Martha Stewart’s new paint line I immediately thought “Where am I going to store this?”   I decided to add to my craft paint storage with a little shelf that probably once stored nic-nacs.   So after I did a few projects with the paint I immediately ran out to Goodwill to find a little shelf to revamp.

Goodwill is the place to go to find small random wood shelfy things.   I have found most of my spices racks and wood shelves to hold my acrylic craft paints at Goodwill.   This little guy I found for $3 at my local GW.

three shelf

I lightly sanded it to give it some tooth, spray primed it and then painted it with Green Apple from Rustoleum to match the rest of my shelves.   Then I hung it in place.

Then I rearranged all of my paints to accommodate the Martha line…

craft paint storage

and all is right in my organized world.   But like anyone else, I struggle to maintain this organization.   So I must post about it so I can remember what it is supposed to look like on days when crafting overtakes organization. Can I get an amen?

craft paint storage (2)

craft paint storage (3)

What I love about this system is that it is easy to see what color you want when they are all on display for me.

craft paint storage (4)

How does you store craft paints? Mod Podge? Glue? Ribbon? Pins and Buttons?   I am always curious if there is a better system out there.