Cotton Bloom Twig Wreath

Man this summer flew by so quick.  My kiddos are back in school and the rain has begun which means fall isn’t too far away.  I am looking forward to my caramel apple candles, apple picking and cobblers that I make in the month of September.  Another thing that changes in my home is wanting cozy things out like plush blankets, pillows and wreaths.  While this wreath still has soft colors the cotton blooms give it a cozy feel.  Plus it is so easy to put together. Follow along as I walk you through how I made the DIY Cotton Bloom Twig Wreath.

diy wreath cotton bloom twig wreath diy project


Large twig wreath

Small Twig Wreath

Krylon spray paint

Fishing line or invisible thread

one cotton bloom 


1.  Start by spraying both the front and back of the twig wreaths the color of your choice.  I chose Krylon Aqua and Seaside Green in Matte finish.




2.  Once dry layer the smaller wreath on top of the larger wreath.  You can tie them in place with some fishing line that is invisible once hung.

3.  Untwist the cottonwood blooms from the stem and then reattach them to your twig wreaths by twisting the wire onto the branches.




4.  I used the loops from the price tag to hang my wreath on one of my barn doors.




It adds a little pop of color to the dark walnut colored door and softens up the lines of the door.


Don’t be afraid to use light colors even in fall or winter decorating.  Adding some textured cotton blooms makes it cozy and perfect for fall or winter.

For more wreath ideas click on the images below:




diy wreath fall decor project


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