A Cluttered Wreck

So I thought I would show you a few of my messes. Everyone loves to see a messy house when it is not theirs, right? It is always nice to know someone’s house is messier than yours. So I thought I would make your day ๐Ÿ™‚

Mess #1 This week I started tackling little organization projects around the house. I opened my hall closet and realized life had thrown up all over the place and now it looks like this…

Seriously…why do I always throw random crap in there whenever people come over? Don’t I realize that in about a month it will look like that? I also decided I need to buy a closet organizer. I want to put shelves in there and leave part of it for jackets and such.

Hold that thought…I am going to google what I am talking about… (p.s. Don’t you รขโ„ขยฅ how google has become a verb?)

Ok I am back. I found something I kinda like…

I want something similar to this, this or this. Then I want to store all my games on the shelves. I have so many board games I could open a game store. I am kind of a nerd like that. And right now the game organization I have is not goin’ on. (Mess #2)


So tonight when dear hubby comes home I think I will leave him with the kiddos and look around at some storage solutions.

Next, I picked up this over-the-door ironing board for my studio. The only problem is that the way it works would make me iron in my closet…not going to work. I really wanted one of those mounted-to-the-wall ironing boards. The cheapest I could find was $250. Not going to happen. So I decided to rig it up. I drilled 4 holes into the ironing board frame (two at the top and two at the bottom).

Then I used those little black spacers that you buy when you install pegboard to give it some space from the wall so it wouldn’t scratch up the wall when I pull it down.

A few mollies, some screws and WAHLA!!!

Oh — by the way the ironing board is not for ironing clothes. I despise ironing. I use it for sewing and craft projects. DUH!! I may figure out a way to disguise it…maybe put a shutter over it or something cute like that. We’ll see if it drives me crazy just hanging out there. But for $20 it will do the trick for now. I definitely need a new cover for the ironing board –that definitely does not match.

Come on, show me your mess…maybe it will be messier than mine and then I will feel better.