Cleaning Paintbrushes

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*CPA* Su said… Tea Party for Two…how pretty!! I’d paint mine and my daughter’s piggy’s with it!! 🙂 

Ok so this is not the coolest post in America but I think it is useful.  Sometimes I get super lazy when I clean my paintbrushes.  I am either in a hurry, forget, or think I will “be back in 10 minutes” to finish the project up and never do.  I found this product at Home Depot.

IMG_1852Now I hear you can use mineral spirits as well, but I did not have any on hand and this was less expensive anyway.  I read about this product in a magazine called Family Handyman. I actually made an investment into my brushes because I paint so often and good paintbrushes are a MUST, in my humble opinion. My brushes were in desperate need of refreshment.IMG_1849Don’t judge me by my paintbrush!  My house looks slightly a lot better than my brushes, I promise.

So I tied two rubber bands around some pencils and opened them up and shoved my paintbrush between them so I could suspend it in the liquid (you don’t want the ferrule in the solution).

Yah, I know I sound smart.  Ferrule…I said it.  Yah I am a pro, or read a magazine that tells me the correct terminology.  Definition of ferrule – the metal part of a paintbrush that holds the bristles to the handle.IMG_1850IMG_1851 Then I set it in my brush cleaner and covered the top with aluminum foil. IMG_1853 IMG_1854 I swished it around a few times to help dislodge the stuck paint and let it sleep overnight.  In the morning I woke up and washed the brush out with soap and water.  Even though the ferrule was not in the cleaner the ferrule came out clean too.  I just wanted to sound smart one more time.IMG_1855Lastly, I let them dry with the handle down. Did you know you are supposed to dry your brushes handle down after you clean them? I totally didn’t know that either! Now I have a bouquet of Purdys again.  Pun TOTALLY intended!  Yes I am dork too.