Chalk-Like Paint Finished Ice Blue Table

Back in December I was perusing Home Goods when I came upon a table on clearance for $65.  I don’t think the color combination of the table appealed to many, hence the reason it was on clearance.  I loved the shape of it, especially the curve on the bottom drawer.  I have needed a small table for in between the two wingback chairs I upholstered years ago.  I decided to give this a little chalk-like paint finish makeover using the same colors as the sofa table I did last year with some CeCe Caldwell chalk paint.

light blue chalk painted table

I love the light blue with darker turquoise and black popping through on the edges. I used the CeCe Caldwell chalk paint for the previous project but I ran out of it so I just had it color matched at Lowes into some of their Valspar sample pots- great money saver.

before and after chalk painted end table


Sample pots of Valspar paint – found at Lowes

Paint Minerals

3M Sanding Sponge

Paint brush

Wax – I used the CeCe Caldwell clear wax

Wax Brush

Cloth for buffing (old t-shirts work fine)

1.  I started with sanding down my piece to knock the shine off of it and give it some tooth for the paint to adhere to.  I know you don’t need to sand when using chalk like paint but I can’t help myself – I love to sand.

2.  Next I mixed 2 heaping tablespoons of Paint Minerals with 2 tablespoons of water and shook it.  Then I mixed one of my sample Valspar pots from Lowes with that to make it a chalk like finish paint. 

making your own chalk paint

3.  I started by painting it black with just a regular paintbrush.  Then I repeated step 2 with a turquoise paint followed by an icy blue color.  I am not sure if it is the added Paint Minerals or what but it dried really quickly.  I painted all three coats and waxed it all in one day.

black chalk paint

turqoise chalk paint

4.  After it was dry I used my sanding sponge to sand down to the other colors so it had a little black and turquoise peeking through.

robins egg chalk painted table

5.  Next I followed it with a coat of clear wax to protect it.

light blue chalk painted table

I love the look of chalk like finishes especially when you layer colors on top of each other.  I have tried the Maison Blanche and the CeCe Caldwell chalk paint.  I haven’t tried Annie Sloan’s for personal reasons.  The Paint Minerals gives you more options because you can mix your own – which is 100% the reason why I would suggest having some in your stash.  I will say it doesn’t sand down as nicely as the CeCe brand and it doesn’t have that smooth baby’s butt feel.  However, the looks are very similar and it is a great way to save money since branded chalk paints are pretty pricey. 

light-blue end table

This project will be featured in the February digital issue of Lowes Creative Ideas.  Have you downloaded the magazine on your Ipad or Iphone yet?