A Celebrity In Town

So today in little ole Greenwood, Indiana a celebrity came to town! Can you believe it?! She could have come to see anyone but she wanted to hang out with MWAAA. The paparazzi were chasing us and she had to sign autographs while I sat staring in awe. She had to wear dark glasses and a disguise just so we could eat lunch uninterupted. Who was it you ask??

Ok so maybe I embellished a little 😉 (she is going to kill me for the above sentiments). But for those of you who lurk in creative blogland you definitely know Sarah. She is well-known in the creative circles for her amazing decorating ideas. She paints, hangs moulding everywhere in her house, covers her windows without sewing, and organizes THE LIGHTS OUT! Plus she is humble, down-to-earth, decisive (I love that quality), easy-going, and we could talk for hours. She is like chilling with a friend you’ve known forever. We went to Flower Factory, Johnny Carino’s for lunch and then a new store here called Christmas Tree Shops (no it does not have a single Christmas tree in it).

Plus it was the first time I left Kayla with someone besides my mom, I felt like a free woman on a shopping rampage.

Sarah, I had a blast, thanks for making the drive. I will come up to your neck of the woods next time. 🙂