Indy Style: Recycling & Repurposing

When I lead a weekly small group or a Bible study I love starting off asking the questions, "What was your high and low for the week?" I think it gives a quick gauge to how everyone is going. Well my low for the week was my kidney stones. Gosh those things are so brutal. {…Read More…}

Paint Chip Purse

Hello friends.   I created a little video for you today making some Paint Chip Purse Notepads.   They make a nice little gift to tell someone you were thinking of them.   They are made out of recycled paint chips so they are very cheap to make. If you don’t want to use paint {…Read More…}

Paint Chip Necklaces

I’m BAAAAAAACK! I took a week off with my husband and we headed for the Caribbean on a cruise ship.  I am relaxed, rejuvenated, refreshed and ready to go! Okay I am trying this vlog thing.  Apparently I don’t know what I am doing.  I just used my little digital camera to record.  I have {…Read More…}

Origami Gift Bag

I looked all over the web for the origami gift bag instructions for the Mini Boo Bag I made yesterday. I thought it would be way easier to point you in that direction rather than to write out a long tutorial. However, I could not find a single tutorial. Since it would take me hours {…Read More…}