Chevron Fabric and Sunshine Yellow Stool Makeover

So remember when I made my vintage sheet into a skirt and I told you about the auction I went to?  Well this piece was one of my purchases.  Sad, ugly, dilapidated, but ready to be transformed and pop next to my chalk painted sofa table.  So when Michaels invited me to join in the campaign to showcase their new line of fabrics I knew it was the perfect little piece to tackle. 

yellow chalk painted stool

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Spray Painted Green Chair

Hey, hey y’all   – it’s Carmel from Our Fifth House and I’m back today with another furniture makeover a’la spray paint!  I heart spray paint in a major way!  The amazingness of its super fast transformative power cannot be beat, and the cheapness factor isn’t half bad either.  I found this chair for $5 at my local Restore.  It was covered in 20,000 layers of dust just hoping someone would see its potential for greatness.  Old ugly furniture calls to me like a puppy at the pound.  I just can’t not bring it home.

green chair makeover

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Blue TV Cabinet

I purchased a TV cabinet at a yard sale this summer for $7.  $7!? I know, it was a weird price.  But it was towards the end of the day and I think she was just imaging herself hauling it to Goodwill. In fact, she probably would have just given it to me.  It was {…Read More…}

Dresser to Changing Table

My stepsister is having her first baby this month.  As she was decorating for this new addition she had an old dresser in her house that needed a makeover.  She had this dresser as long as she could remember so she wanted to keep it in her home for sentimental reasons. However, she needed a {…Read More…}