Home Right Spray Tent Shelter

Anyone else live in a place where the temperatures get so cold outside your face will freeze?  UGH…welcome to the Midwest.  I am an outspoken hater of cold weather…not just because it is awful…but also because my garage shop is pretty much untouched for months because I am too much of a cold weather temp {…Read More…}

Washi Tape Napkin Holders

Merry Christmas week.  If you are looking for the kiddos to have something fun to do this week, while also helping make your holiday table look pretty, I have a craft for you – plus a book you should purchase too!  My friend Amy, from Mod Podge Rocks and Washi Tape Crafts just wrote a {…Read More…}

Hoover Air Cordless Vacuum

Let’s face it, there are only a few freaky people out there that actually LIKE to clean. I am not one of them, mother-in-law is. I prefer to pawn vacuuming off on my children as an opportunity for them to learn a life skill or pad their piggy bank for a coveted toy than do {…Read More…}

Do You Wish Your Kids’ Ipads Had a Guardian Angel?

Three weeks ago my son came to us with a guilty look on his face and said “Mom, Dad I did something bad, I watched an inappropriate YouTube video”.  Those are words you never want to hear from your 9 year old son.  Of course my mind goes to all of the disgusting images he {…Read More…}