Ways My Kids Can Earn EXTRA Money {outside of weekly chores}

Yesterday I shared how my kids earn money each week doing daily chores.  Oftentimes my kids want to do or buy something special that they don’t quite have enough money for.  While much of the time we tell our kids they will have to wait and save for it (we want to teach them delayed {…Read More…}

Chores for Kids – ages 5 and 8

After I posted about the Pivot Vac that my daughter uses as part of her daily chores I receive several emails asking me about how I do my kids chores and what exactly they do to earn their money for the week.  Now every family does things a little different so you have to adapt to your lifestyle and personality.  But this is how the Farrant family does it.



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Spring Break 2014 – St. Petersburg, Florida

If you follow me on Instagram you already have seen some pictures of my Florida adventure. Now we are not usually a big traveling Spring Break family.  If we do we usually go and visit family.  But this year I was talking to a girlfriend of mine (Erin) and her husband had to work and mine was out of the country so on a whim we decided to brave a road trip with 4 kids and drive down to St. Petersburg, Florida.


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Newbie in Town

Hello peeps! I have great news. It is super, fantastic, amazing news! After 20 months on the market my mom and step dad sold their house in Atlanta and have moved here! She is now a 10-minute drive away from me. So this week the moving trucks came and unloaded all their stuff and they {…Read More…}