Project #14 Clock Makeover

I could not seem to find a clock I liked well enough (in my price range) for Kayla’s room. So I decided to alter one myself. I just got a cheap-o $3 clock from Wal-Mart. I then had hubby GENTLY take it apart for me (he is so much better at taking stuff apart and {…Read More…}

Project #6 Photo Frame Redo

I got this perfectly nice frame for $12 at Flower Factory. But I just can’t leave well enough alone can I? Most people probably shop for things that match a room when they buy accessories, right? I just shop, find something I like, at a price I like even more, and then re-do it to {…Read More…}

Operation Project Month (#1 and #2)

Project #1 What To Do With the Window Thank you all for your advice regarding my window in my baby girl’s room. After weighing all my options and not wanting to take on a project too large I decided to BUY (gasp!) and not make anything for the window. JcPenney was having their annual white {…Read More…}

Little Table Refab

I got this little table for $5 at a yard sale this past fall. I loved how tiny it was and of course the price. It was just the right size for a side table near the rocking chair for me to use while nursing Kayla. Of course it was an ugly oak and did {…Read More…}