Canvas Lego Bins

I showed you Isaac’s new Lego Table I made from a 1980s parquet table this week.  He adores it and has spent every waking moment up there since he received a bunch of new Lego sets for his birthday last week.  Did you notice those adorable little Lego head bins?  Nope I didn’t buy those. But I was inspired by some plastic ones I saw at Target. I wanted to use canvas bins because they are less rough on surfaces than plastic.  So I screen printed the Lego heads on some canvas bins I got on clearance from Lowes.

Lego storage

In the past I have used the Simply Screen screen printing kit by Plaid.  I have LOVED it and have done several projects with it (Christmas subway art pillow, monogram pillow, deer family pillow).  Last year sometime I Love To Create sent me their Screen-It kit.  I will be doing a full comparison of both products soon.

The Screen-It Kit works the same.  You print out a black and white image of your choice and then set it on one of the pre-emulsified screens and put it under the exposed light for 15 minutes.


Then you soak it and lightly rub the screen to expose your image.  You are left with a clear screen where your image was.


While I could have cut out some heat transfer material with my Silhouette machine I wanted to paint it on the bins to ensure it would stay and because I wasn’t sure how the heat transfer material would do with a raised canvas texture.

Once the screen is done you can use the screen over and over again.  Which is why I used it for this project since I made three bins.  You just place it on your fabric to be screen printed and use a squeegee to push the paint through the screen.  Since I was screen printing on darker fabric I let it sit for 2 minutes and then did another coat before I removed the screen.  If you have any parts that didn’t transfer the paint well just get a little paintbrush and touch it up.


Any parts that aren’t painted well enough I just touched up with a paint brush.  They are perfect for storing the billion of Legos we have in our house.