Candy Corn Candy Melts

Welcome to fall ya’ll.  The leaves have just started changing and I am still cranking up my pool heater to eat up the last days of warm weather.  But fall is beckoning and my kids are talking about Halloween.  So in honor of this season and my love for candy corn I made some candy corn candy melts.  They are fun for gift giving to neighbors, co-workers, teachers, and friends.  Click here to see the video.


Candy Corn Candy Melts



Wilton Limited Edition Candy Corn Melts

Wilton Nesting Candy Corn Cookie Cutters

Small bags

Wilton sprinkling sugars – orange, white and yellow.

Silicone mat (waxed paper might work too) and cookie sheet


Wilton disposable decorators bag

Halloween themed sprinkles (optional)

candy corn melts supplies

1.  Melt your candy corn melts according to package instructions in your microwave.  Once melted, pour into a disposable decorator’s bag.

wilton candy corn candy melts

2.  Set your silicone mat or waxed paper on top of your cookie sheet.  Set your smallest candy corn cookie cutter on top of that.  Snip the end of the piping bag.

candy corn shaped candy melts

candy corn shaped candies

3.  Squeeze your candy corn melt into the cookie cutter.  Shake the cookie sheet to even out the surface of the candy.  Don’t worry about any little bit leaking through the sides – you can break those off after they are set.

piping candy corn melts

candy corn cookie cutter

4.  While the candy melts are still soft, add orange, white and yellow sugar sprinkles, one color at a time, to each part of the candy corn. Optional:  Instead of the traditional colors of sprinkles you can also get the limited edition ghost sprinkle candies – they are super cute.

candy corn sprinkles

candy corn sprinkles candy melt

5.  Pop them in the fridge for 5-10 minutes to set.

6.  Carefully remove them from the candy corn cookie cutter pushing them from front to back so that the candy corn melt will pop out from the back.  Break off any excess melts on the sides.

7.  Pop it in an bag and tie some ribbon around the top.

candy corn treats

Pass them out at work, school, your neighborhood, etc.  Happy Fall Ya’ll!

candy corn melt treat

candy corn candy melts favor

For more candy corn inspired treats click on the image below…

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candy corn pom pom flowers in mirrored boo vases

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Happy Halloween!