Calendar Magnets

I created some calendar magnets for my new and improved magnetic dry erase photo frame calendar.  Now I have 31 magnets that I can just swap around instead of writing in the days each month.

calendar magnets


1” wood circle discs

Spray paint and primer

Mod Podge Dimensional Magic

Mod Podge

Small brush

patterned paper

1” hole punch or digital cutting machine

Ceramic magnets

e-6000 or similar glue

1.  Print out numbers 1-31 on patterned cardstock or paper.  using a hole punch or a digital cutting machine cut the number out into 1” circles. 

2.  Spray prime and paint the little wooden discs.

calendar magnets

2.  Spread Mod Podge on the back of the 1” numbered circles and glue them onto the wooden discs.  Seal the tops with Mod Podge as well.

calendar magnets

calendar magnets

3. Spread a thick coat of Mod Podge Dimensional Magic (this is not the same as regular Mod Podge) onto the circles.  Start squeezing the Dimensional Magic around the edge of the circle working your way in until it is all covered.  Put a nice thick coat on.

calendar magnets

4.  Wait 24 hours for them to dry.  Glue a magnet onto the back and stick them onto your magnetic dry erase calendar.  The Dimensional Magic provides a nice thick clear coat that looks like it is embedded under a bubble.

calendar magnets

calendar magnets