Button Replicas

Kayla got this in the mail from Amy Jo from The Little Moments for her Pay It Forward post. Isn’t it adorable? It is a teeny, tiny flower (the pictures don’t do the sizing justice, it is about 2 inches).

It has a clippie on the back. So I have been clipping it into Kayla’s little interchangable headband everytime she wears purple. But do you know what I love the most about it?

THE BUTTON! I am sorry Amy that I took the clippie apart…please forgive me. DON’T WORRY I glued it back in place when I was done. 🙂 But isn’t the button glorious?!?! I love it. So I decided to try to replicate it.

1. First I conditioned some scraps of polymer clay. Then I rolled it in a ball and sprinkled it with baby powder. Then, with even pressure, I pushed the button upside down into it and it formed the impression into the clay.

Then I removed the button and oohed and ahhed over the gorgeous impression it left.

2. Then I baked my mold according to manufacturer’s directions. After the mold cooled I rolled little balls of pink polymer clay. I put some baby powder into the mold and then pressed the balls into the mold and carefully pried them out (the baby powder makes it not stick).

Here’s some replicas ready to bake.

**There is some shrinkage when baked. So they are a tad smaller than the original.

3. After they cooled I brushed them with some different colors of mica powder. The first one was with an irridescent mica, the second was a pink mica, and the third was with a gold mica. Then I sprayed them with a clear coat to seal them.

** I think the next time I use the mold I will use the mica powder instead of the baby powder and it will be baked into the clay and also make it not stick to the mold.

And here they are next to each other…

Now I can use the mold over and over and make a zillion of them. How fabulous!

** I keep calling them buttons but I did not put a shank on the back, although you could. They are actually just flat because I was just going to glue them to the flowers anyway and didn’t actually need it to be a button.

I then used my new “buttons” and glued them to some of the fabric flowers I made. Of course I copied Amy Jo’s flower size because it was ADORABLE!

And there they are in all their glory sitting next to Amy Jo’s inspiration flower.

Thanks AMY JO, you rock my world!