Butcher Block Countertop

A couple of weekends ago my husband and I got a little weekend getaway in Cincinnati.   We had a wonderful time, but one of my secret motivations was to go to IKEA since it is the closest one to us.   I had plans on getting the Numerar beech butcher block countertop for my kitchen island.   I have been wanting to lighten up the space since we have black painted cabinets.   I thought a cream colored island with a butcher block top would help brighten it up a bit.



I ended up adding beadboard and board & batten to the island itself to add a little character to it and then painted it with a couple of coats of Dutch Boy’s Antique White.   If you missed that post click here to see the process.


IKEA Numerar Beech countertop island

Old T-shirts

Puritan Pine Minwax stain

Minwax Pre-wood Conditioner

IKEA Behandla wood sealer (this is a linseed/tung oil blend)

circular saw

electric sander with various grits of sandpaper

tack cloth or other cloth to wipe dust free

straight edge

tape measure


1.   The Numerar countertop comes in beech, birch and oak.   I opted for beech because I liked the grain of the wood on this one the best.   I knew I would darken it up just a tad with some stain.

2.   Using my old laminate countertop as a template we measured that and cut the butcher block to size using a straight edged piece of MDF with clamps attached and a circular saw.


3.   Then we sanded the entire piece down with various grits of sandpaper until it was all smooth and all the saw lines were removed.


4.   I wiped it down with a tack cloth removing all the dust and put a coat of Minwax Pre-Wood Conditioner on it.   Applying a coat of that helps ensure even coverage.   After 5 minutes I wiped it down.

5.   Next I applied a coat of Minxwax Puritan Pride stain with an old t-shirt.   I wanted to darken the wood just a little and this was the perfect shade to give it a little more depth while still keeping it a light wood.


6. After that was dry I put a coat of the IKEA Behandla wood treatment of on it.   I let it dry for about 4 hours and then put another coat on it sanding with 220 grit sandpaper in between.   Then the next day I did the same thing.   The third day I didn’t do anything, then the 4th day I put another coat on it.   I did this same process for 10 days and a total of 8 coats.

7.   Then I removed the screws from the old countertop and added the butcher block countertop in its place.



I do love the look but now I am considering painting all the cabinets light.   My fear is trying to keep those light cabinets clean.   I am already constantly wiping down the island since I painted it. For those of you with white cabinets are they terrible to keep clean?   For now I want to live with the space and see how I like everything before I make any rushed decisions.   I am also contemplating butcher block everywhere.   But…we shall see.   For now, this is what my kitchen looks like.